Leather Bags & Accessories Handcrafted By Edward de Lacy Manchester, England.

Every bag, wallet and accessory is uniquely designed, cut and sewn by Edward in his Manchester based studio.

de Lacy started back in 2005 in Leeds after Edward studied a Fine Art Degree there, specialising in Minimalist sculpture. Since then he has sold his creations in stores and online internationally.
Designs are sketched down and explored in more detail when the first prototype is constructed. Edward often discovers new ideas during this process and relishes the liberation to develop these conceptions and avenues organically.
Fine quality leathers are hand picked from the UK & Europe and some are repurposed from a luxury sofa manufacturer predicated in the UK. Ykk Excella zips and solid brass & metal hardware are utilised through out. Many of the small leather goods are cut using locally crafted metal Knives on a vintage Sweeney & Blocksidge Fly Press made in Birmingham Circa 1900. All the larger bags are hand cut. Each stitch is made with Gutermann German extra strong upholstery thread and sewn using a fine quality German industrial sewing machine.

"Only very small runs of each product are created for each collection and many of the bags are one of a kind designs which will never be repeated the same. Creating individual pieces is a key aspect to the way I work and evolve my products and designs." - Edward de Lacy 2018.


This is small scale production, sustainability is at the core of the de Lacy ethos. Standing against 'fast fashion' Edward only produces up to two small collections a year with the idea that one should buy less & buy better. Many of the components used are sourced locally from Manchester and the surrounding areas, supporting the local economy whilst keeping the de Lacy carbon foot print low. Durable leathers and materials are used throughout, each piece is designed to last a life time if cared for. Edward offers a free recondition of your product should it need it within the first 10 years of its life, after this time he is always more than happy to recondition it for a small fee.

The 'Reconstructed Collection' 2019 is a key example of Edward's considered approach to sustainable fashion. By recycling existing products that are no longer wanted, in this collection used motorcycle jackets are turned into one of a kind bags that will last for years to come and are considered heirlooms by Edward that should be past down through generations, doted and cherished by each.

The de Lacy history & Knot. 

The Knot logo used is a modern version taken from the original "de Lacy Family Knot". Edward's family tree & ancestry date back to the Norman Conquest of 1066. The de Lacy name originates from a small town in northern France called Lassy. Blood line ancestors would have fought along side William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. One branch of the family then moved north through England and other branches settled in the Hereford area and Ireland.

Edward is currently selling a selection of his work and some exclusive products at Altrincham Market the first weekend of each month, which has recently won the prestigious OFM "Best Market" award. Commissions are undertaken and welcome.

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