Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.




1. The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance. 1.1 The character or appearance of a textile fabric as determined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads. 1.2 The tactile quality of the surface of a work of art. 1.3 The quality created by the combination of the different elements in a work of music or literature.


Through modern leather dying techniques and printing processes there are so many textures and colours to choose from these days; from embossed moc animal skins to metallic foil finishes, heat transfer prints to name but a few. For this collection my main goal was to concentrate on the leather itself, it would be far too easy to go out and just shelf pick textured leathers for the collection. The process has been about creating textures, pushing the fabric itself, by layering, slashing, punching holes, studding, stitching and twisting. 

All the textured pieces created in the collection sit against bright hair on cow hide leathers, this being one of the only leathers I have chosen to use without manipulating. The true vibrant colours achieved in the dying process of hair on hide leather are unique, I love the bright colour of these leathers. The majority of the bags in the collection are created in very limited runs, many are one of a kind pieces which will never be repeated again.


Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.

spacesuit /ˈspeɪsˌsuːt; -ˌsjuːt



Any of various types of sealed and pressurized suits worn by astronauts 
or cosmonauts that provide an artificial atmosphere, acceptable temperature, 
radio communication link, and protection from radiation 
for work outside a spacecraft.


Spacesuit's of Alexey Leonov - 1965 - The first man to walk in space & Alan Shepard - 1961 - The first American to travel in space.

For this collection I have sourced metallic leathers from Italy including bright silver, gunmetal, light blue and copper amongst others. In contrast to these beautiful leathers I chose to use modern technical fabrics some of which have derived as a result of scientific and fashion technology break throughs in not only Spacesuits but other explorative clothing. These fabrics include PU coated, foiled and coated Nylons; Polyurethane plastic; coated cottons; Reflective fabrics and Neoprenes to name a few. These have been used not only for the linings of the bags but in parts of the collection as the main fabric for the bags.

Spacesuit Collection Parts Fabrication.

To reflect some of the Spacesuit components - mainly the anodised aluminium valve intakes, I started by looking in depth at these parts and redrawing them in 2D. Once happy with three different designs I came up with they were redrawn actual size, then scanned and redrawn again on a computer to change them to digital vector drawings. The next process was to have the parts laser cut from the vector drawings in 1.5mm unfinished sheet aluminium. Once these were back from the laser cutters I then sent them to a colour anodiser to be coloured red, blue and silver. The colours have been colour matched to special anodised Ykk Excella zips. Finally each part has been laser engraved back to the original metal finish to add the last details to the designs. It was a long process that involved four local business' - but the outcome has been truly worth it. The fabrication of these components translates the 'Spacesuit' asthetic I aimed to achieve when I originally started creating this collection back in 2015.

The below image shows a few steps in the fabrication process.

While these parts were being created, space exploration sew on patches were sourced to authenticate the overall look of each 'Space Bag'. This tied in with my idea for the bespoke pieces within the collection to celebrate certain past missions to space.

STS-54 Nasa Tote

Many of the bags within the collection are complete one of a kind pieces that will never be reproduced -so they really are individual works of art as much as usable every day products.

- Edward de Lacy 2016.

"THE DEATH OF COLOUR ON EARTH." 2015 Collection.

Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.

Spring Summer 2015 - "The Death Of Colour On Earth"
Inspired by an imaginary vision of a dark future, where from space the super rich control the human race left on earth. Colour has become property of the super rich, worn as a sign of their power and wealth. By strict law any human on earth found wearing or harbouring colour faces unimaginable consequences.
The collection sees the introduction of thick Swedish bridle leather - used as harnesses around the softer leather body of the bags. Custom matt black powder coated hardware has been used in many of the bags to match the Ykk Excella matt black zips I have sourced for the collection - creating a dark tonal aesthetic. In contrast to this bright pop coloured leathers and stunning luxury hair on hides have been used to represent the the controllers of this new imaginary future.


Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.

Autumn Winter 2014 saw the introduction of technical fabrics. These fabrics include PU coated, foiled and coated Nylons; Polyurethane plastic; coated cottons and reflective fabrics. The collection features leathers in tonal colours, white, soft greys, black and black hair on hide. Some of the bag designs are lined in the leathers and the outer shell is created using technical fabrics. All of the bags in this collection where one of a kind pieces and none where repeated.


Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.


Spring Summer 2014 Collection was created using pastel and metallic leathers. The Italian leathers I chose for the collection had a very smooth surface and soft touch. The collection saw the introduction of drawstring backpacks and boxy hobo bags. there where a number of designs that where made colour blocking leather together.

All bags and accessories are individually designed and handcrafted by me in my Manchester based studio - Edward de Lacy.

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