Behind The Mask

Workwear Masks individually crafted by Edward de Lacy.

In response to the Coronavirus worldwide pandemic Edward is using his skills and knowledge to produce high quality washable face masks*. Made in small runs, Edward is selling the masks for the simple cost of Material + Labour.

'From the start of March 2020 my sales dropped drastically overnight, the future of de Lacy looked bleak. Running a brand for 15 years you learn to think on your feet and adapt rapidly. With machinery and materials sitting dormant so I decided to have a go at a face mask. I downloaded a simple pattern and tweaked it a little after making the first prototype. My aim was to produce a mask that reflected peoples clothing rather than a medical or industrial use. The first batch of 30 I produced where given away for free and unknown to me they were a huge hit selling out within an hour'! - Edward, April 2020. 

Each face mask is made using the highest quality cotton fabrics, British made where possible. Each is lined resulting in a double layer of tightly woven cottons. The price of each mask covers the. material and labour cost. Currently Edward is creating around 50 units week.

'I am currently working on some premium cotton masks made from Ventile®, a Swiss made cotton first designed and made in the 1930's in Manchester, UK. The cotton is so tightly woven it is water resistant yet still breathable. Also in the pipeline is a DIY kit at a reduced price with downloadable instructions'. - Edward.

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* It should be noted that these masks are in no way medically tested and are not medical or N95 3M masks and will not offer the same performance or protection.