Crafted by Edward de Lacy

Established in 2005, Edward is a solopreneur, he designs and crafts his collections in limited runs, firmly believing in buying less but better. Edward's unique, often minimal design aesthetic offers a hand crafted modern alternative to mass market / mainstream leather bags and accessories. Leather is the main feature of his designs and he uses high quality construction and finishing techniques to ensure longevity.

Edward offers a free recondition of any de Lacy bag should it need it within the first 10 years of its life.

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  • Design Process

    Designs are sketched down and explored in more detail when the first prototype is constructed. Edward often discovers new ideas during this process and loves the freedom to develop these ideas and avenues organically. Continue reading...

  • The de Lacy Ethos

    This is micro scale production. Handcrafted precision and considered design are at the core of the de Lacy ethos. Standing against mass production and mainstream brands Edward only produces very small runs of each style per year with the idea that one should 'buy less & buy better'. Continue reading...

  • My Story

    'I first started to create leather goods, mainly bags, in my spare time whilst studying Fine Art.

    I was originally using leather off-cuts which tended to be the edges of the hides which have a rough and natural shape. Continue reading...

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