The de Lacy Ethos

This is micro scale production. Handcrafted precision and considered design are central to de Lacy's core values. Standing against mass production and mainstream brands Edward only produces very small runs of each style per year with the idea that one should 'buy less & buy better'. Many of the components used are sourced locally from Manchester and the surrounding areas, supporting the local economy whilst keeping the de Lacy carbon foot print low. Durable leathers and materials are used throughout, with 25% of the leathers used are repurposed / recycled. Each piece is designed to last a life time if cared for. 

Edward offers a free recondition of your product should it need it within the first 10 years of its life. And after that time Edward is more than happy to recondition a product for a small fee.

Reconstructed Collection is a key example of Edward's considered approach to longevity in fashion. By recycling existing products that are no longer wanted, in this collection used motorcycle apparel are turned into one of a kind bags that will last for years to come and are considered heirlooms by Edward that should be past down through generations, doted and cherished by each.

Leather Repairs

de Lacy offers repairs and reconditioning of any leather product even if its made buy another brand. For more details of this service please click here

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