Natural 2018

Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy.
Existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.
1.2 (of fabric) having a colour characteristic of the unbleached and undyed state; off-white.
The Natural Collection 2018 is completely stripped back using just three types of leather. Two are from a world renowned tannery in Sweden called Elmo founded in 1931.
The first "ELMOVEGETA" is vegetabily tanned leather to which no pigmentation has been added. It is a "naked" leather with a smooth structure. The production process allows all natural features to show. Elmovegeta is extremely soft and has a very high comfort. Like all leathers without treatment, it is delicate and grease, fat and exposure to light will darken it. It will naturally darken to a tan brown.
The second "ELMOGRAND" is a full top grain aniline-dyed "nude" leather. It is a thick cut leather which results in a natural heavy pebble grain or "shrunken" effect. The leather is distinguishable by its extremely soft hand, rich, even coloring, and pronounced pebble graining. Only the highest premium Scandinavian hides are used in the production of Elmogrand.
The third leather is a classic vegetable tanned hide made here in the UK. I have used both the full top grain and the spilt hides which appear like a raw natural suede leather hide.
Bonnie Shopper Bag

Amelia Hobo Bag
Noelle Hobo Bag
The collection will include some reworking of archive designs which are created using the natural edges of the leather hide therefore each bag is unique and cannot be repeated the same.