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Spring Summer 2015 - "The Death Of Colour On Earth"

Inspired by an imaginary vision of a dark future, where from space the super rich control the human race left on earth. Colour has become property of the super rich, worn as a sign of their power and wealth. By strict law any human on earth found wearing or harbouring colour faces unimaginable consequences.
The collection sees the introduction of thick Swedish bridle leather - used as harnesses around the softer leather body of the bags. Custom matt black powder coated hardware has been used in many of the bags to match the Ykk Excella matt black zips I have sourced for the collection - creating a dark tonal aesthetic. In contrast to this bright pop coloured leathers and stunning luxury hair on hides have been used to represent the the controllers of this new imaginary future.
All bags and accessories are individually designed and handcrafted by me in my Manchester based studio - Edward de Lacy.

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