Leather Repairs Service

Edward offers restoration or repairs on any de lacy product in the unlikely event one should need it. If you have another brand or product that needs attention he offers a range of custom designer bag, wallet and leather repairs, from replacement straps, relining or repairing general wear and tear, to reconditioning dry leather. To book in a recondition or repair and receive a quotation please email Edward mail@delacyonline.com
Services and Prices:
Replacement strap(s) from £70
Hole, puncture or tear repair from £40
Relining or adding lining from £80
Colour retouching from £70
Reconditioning leather from £50
Replacement zip(s) from £80
Repairs are offered annually from January to October.

Louis Vuitton Colour Restoration

This hair on hide L.V. bag had moth damage and general wear to the hair on hide surface. The bag has been sympathetically restored using custom mixed leather paints to hide the damaged areas. Price £70 -

Louis Vuitton Monogram Long Wallet Repair

Clients L.V. Wallet needed stitch repairs and new edge paint. The stitches are replaced on an industrial sewing machine and existing edge paint carefully  sanded back. A custom edge paint is mixed to match the original colour and applied around all the edges of the wallet. Price £70 -

Chanel Classic Handbag Colour Restoration

This Classic Chanel had become worn around the edges and across the body front and back. A custom matching baby blue colour is mixed using specialist leather paint and applied using a wet and dry brush technique, leaving a seamless finish so you would never know the bag was ever worn. Price £250 -

Paul Smith Tote Strap Replacement 

The straps had become very worn on this Paul Smith Tote bag. The straps are remade like for like from smooth black calf leather. Colour matched and hand painted blue sections. Hand finished with matt black edge paint as the originals where. Price £160 - 

Vintage Dior Strap Replacement & Colour Restoration

Vintage Dior bag came to me with a a broken zipper & the strap was very dry and worn on so the client had requested a new zip and strap to be made. The new strap is created from vegetable tanned leather and made like for like. The strap is then coloured back to the original shade of taupe and the pipping and logo section are also colour restored. The zip has been replaced with a YKK Excella zip with a new matching leather zip puller. Price £250 -

Gucci Clutch Bag, Wallet Corner Re Build

The owners dog bit off the corner on this Gucci Wallet. The corner was rebuilt in vegetable tanned leather colour matched, stictjed and edge painted. Price £180-


J.Crew Camera Bag Strap Loop Replacement & Colour Restoration

The straps loops were worn and one broken on this cherished J.Crew bag. The loops and replaced like for like with new matching red leather, and hand finished with custom mixed matching edge paint. All Pipping corners are colour retouched and the key ring is also colour retouched. Brass zip has been polished. The bag is given a light clean inside and out. Price £120 -

Chanel Classic full colour restoration.

The original colour of the bag is carefully found inside an un touched area and then colour matched with specialised leather paint. The bag is then hand coloured inside and out to match closely to the original colour. The handle straps are also given new custom colour edge paint. Price £350-

Louis Vuitton NOÉ Recondition.

This L.V. vintage Noé bag was starting to look tired. All the leather on the bag has been treated with a leather conditioning cream. The hardware is polished to a sheen that reflects the bags age. The Drawstring tie strap was too far gone so it has been replaced with a like for like vegetable tanned leather strap which is hand dyed to match the current patina on the rest of the bag. Two areas on the base of the bag where restitched where the stitching had worn away. Price £160 -

Chanel Leather Chain Strap Replacement

Clients Chanel bag chain strap needed a replacement leather inner. The new piece is constructed from a black goat skin which is skived by hand to make it thin enough to fold over and glue in place then hand threaded into the chain strap. The base parts are tack stitched by hand to fix it. The  body of the bag is then given a polish to protect the leather and add luster using a high quality French made black polish. price £150 -

90's Fendi Hair-On Colour Restoration

This Circa 1990's Fendi hair on hide bag had considerable wear around the edges and the the front body of the bag. Professional leather paint is custom mixed and carefully applied to the bag until the worn parts blend with the hair on hide. Price £145 - 

Givenchy Mini Pandora Repair

Clients Mini Pandora bag strap loops and zipper had broken from everyday use. The strap loops are replaced with new ones hand crafted like for like. Worn edge paint re-applied. New Ykk Excella zipper sew in. Price £150 -

Aspinal of London Briefcase Repair

This Aspinal briefcase had become worn and tired from everyday use. Corner pipping has been repaired. Edge paint on handle straps stripped back and re-applied. Colour restore in worn areas. Zip polish and a full outer polish. Price: £170 - 

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette Bag Zip Replacement

The zip on this mini L.V. Pochette bag had lost tooth and an end stopper so needed replacing. A matching Ykk Excella zip is sourced and replaced to the exact same length using the original L.V. zip puller and stitched in by machine following the same stitch holes. The bag is also given a light clean with leather conditioner. Price £80 - 

Client feedback - "I had messaged a few companies to get a quote at first. Your communication was excellent and the price was reasonable (handbag clinic wanted £150 for zip replacement btw with 8 weeks repair time), so decided to come to you and I’m glad I did. Edward was amazing from the start to finish of the service - great communication kept me updated with the progress. The repair was beautifully done, the bag got delivered in the carefully packed packaging. Thank you so much."

Paul Smith Tote Strap Restoration

The edge paint had worn through on this Paul Smith tote. All existing edge paint is  carefully sanded off and new Matt black Italian edge paint is added by hand. The internal wire had worn through the leather pipping at two corners on the base these are also repaired. The bag lining and outer is also cleaned and polished. Price £80 -

Marni Tote Bag strap Repair

Clients Marni tote straps were split due to water damage. The straps were sealed back together using contact adhesive, the edges are then prepared and hand finished with matching black leather edge paint. Price £80 -

Louis Vuitton Musette Tango Bag Strap Replacement
"I have just returned home and found the parcel waiting for me and I am writing immediately to say I am absolutely delighted with the result of the handle replacement for my handbag. I have already told several friends about your service and I hope that they will follow up their promises to contact you. 
In this day and age when so many things are thrown away I am so pleased to be able to have this bag restored so that I can use it once again. Thank you so much for your excellent and prompt service." Price £150 - 

Comme Des Garçon Wallet Colour Retouch

The metallic leather on this wallet had become very worn. The client requested a full colour restoration in a similar metallic silver tone. The wallet is hand painted with specialised leather paint to achieve a consistent overall finish. Price £65 -

Before & After

PU & Leather Sentimental Bag Restore & Relining

This continental PU & leather shoulder bag had great sentimental value but was in need of a sympathetic restoration. The bag needed a new lining including the original pockets and central pocket. This has been finished using a Scottish dry oilskin cotton with smooth black calf skin trim and Ykk Excella zippers. The strap has been replaced in calf skin leather like for like with hand finished edging in Italian matt black leather edge paint. The corners of the bag had worn away to reveal the inner fabric back of the PU so these have been filled with matt black leather edge paint. The hardware was also cleaned as some was beginning to rust. Price £190 -

Paul Smith Bag Colour Restoration

Clients Paul Smith digitally printed swirl leather shoulder bag had become worn in places. The worn sections are hand painted with specialist leather paint that is mixed to create the original colours. Price £230 - 

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière Bag Recondition

Clients Speedy bag had considerable wear to the pipping on all sides and the edge paint on the handle straps had partly melted and become sticky due to prolonged use. All edge paint has been replaced or colour retouched. Colour retouch to pipping and worn areas and a fully polish with a red pigmented French leather polish. Brass zip polished. Price £220 -

Italian Wallet Repair

The mesh pocket section on this Italian leather wallet had worn and come loose over time. At the clients request this has been replaced with a leather pocket. The wallet is then restitched all the way around and any wear holes and corners have been filled with Italian leather edge paint. The wallet is then given a fully clean and polish Price: £65 - 

Holdall strap loops replaced.
Clients leather holdall loops where starting to break. These where all replaced with strong British bridle leather which was hand dyed to colour match the bag. The bag was fully lined so the lining was removed and then stitched back with a matching thread colour, following the original stitch holes to create an immaculate finish. Price £145 -
Michael Kors Strap Repair
Michael Kors tote straps were starting to break after 5 years use. Client chose the option to repair the existing straps rather than replace with new ones. The straps have been strengthened on the inside with a close matching leather and stitched following the original stitch holes. the side seams are then hand finished with Italian leather edge paint. Price £60 - 

Spanish Chair Stitch Repair
This clients Spanish chair by Danish designer Børge Mogensen had stitching wear from years of use. The back rest threads had become brittle and worn away. I hand Saddle stitched the broken and loose parts using hand waxed lined thread. This repair has been sympathetically made by just stitching the parts that have broken and leaving the rest of the thread as is, even though thread has worn away in many places. Keeping the chairs beautiful character which has built up over time. Price £240 -
Egg Chair Reconditioned.

My client requested their iconic Egg chair & stool by Arne Jacobsen to be reconditioned. The chair had suffered from prolonged sun exposure and the original rich tan brown colour had faded to a sand yellow. Using a natural beeswax based leather conditioning cream the chair was treated 3 times over a 3 week period to bring back the original tan brown colour and leather sheen. Price £650 -

Bag Lined With Pockets.
Client requested their bag which was unlined to be lined in a durable fabric with 2 internal pockets. The bag is lined in a 11oz cotton Hickory denim with a press stud pocket and a Ykk Excella zip pocket. Price: £80 -
Paul Smith Wallet Reconditioned.
This Paul Smith wallet had been accidentally washed by the client, so the leather colour had distressed and the stitching was worn and breaking in places. The wallet was carefully taken apart in order to hand dye the damaged leather outer. The wallet is then re-stitched following the original stitch holes and finished by hand with purple thread in each corner, keeping as close as possible to the original look of the wallet. Price: £60 -
Gucci Belt Shaft Replaced.
Client requested a new leather shaft for his Gucci belt buckle. The new shaft is made using 2.5mm Swedish vegetable tanned bridle leather in black. Lined in a vibrant purple Italian pig skin suede and hand finished with matt black Italian leather edge paint. Price: £90 -
Safari Chairs Repaired & Reconditioned.

Clients Safari chairs by Danish designer Karre Klint required replacement straps, small leather repairs and an overall recondition to the leather which had become very dry and brittle. Originally the leather was a natural flesh coloured vegetable tan, in order to create the same patina to match the vintage straps on the chairs the new back straps are hand cut from Swedish vegetable tanned leather to match the exact size and shape of the originals. They are then hand dyed tan brown, creating a naturally aged finish and finally hand saddle stitched using linen thread. A leather arm had broken this has been patched on the reverse side and stitched with matching coloured thread then blended with beeswax conditioning cream. All leather parts were then conditioned heavily. Price, new straps: £70 each, arm repair £45, conditioning £85 per chair.

All repair prices / quotes include a tracked returned delivery service. To book in a repair or receive a quote please Contact Edward.