de Lacy X Abigail Knott

 Handcrafted by Edward de Lacy & Abigail Knott

Manchester based designer Edward de Lacy and MA student Abigail Knott have collaborated to create a capsule collection for Autumn Winter 2017.

Abigail Knott is a textile design student studying an MA at Manchester Metropolitan University - specialising in print. She creates photographic print designs based around the themes of texture and structure. Particularly looking at architectural forms in Manchester as well as taking a scientific approach by viewing and photographing fabric and textile structures using high definition microscopes. In the past she has produced small prototype collections printing onto silks to create luxurious scarves and digitally printed leather pieces. Abigail Knott is pushing her practice to apply print to fashion accessories.

The designers met when Abigail commissioned Edward to create his Coralie clutches using her printed leather for her final BA degree show. Almost a year later she secured an internship at Edward's Manchester based studio. The de Lacy X Abigail Knott capsule collection showcases brand new designs lined with digitally printed fabrics. The bags in the collection have been handcrafted by the two designers in very limited numbers.