Reconstructed Collection

past tense: reconstructed; past participle: reconstructed
  1. build or form (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.
A special capsule collection championing reuse and recycling. The collection is a key example of Edward's considered approach to longevitiy of products. By reusing existing products that are no longer wanted, in this case used leather motorcycle apparel are turned into one of a kind bags that will last for years to come and are considered heirlooms by Edward that should be past through generations, doted and cherished by each. The capsule is very limited but will be added to through out the year. Each bag is a piece of sculpture just as much as a it is a utilisable product, no two are ever identical.
Hobo Bag #001 
Hobo Bag #007
The majority of the bags created utilise the functions of the original garment. A few examples are using the main zip closure of jackets to function as a size adjustment on the bags; keeping all the usable pockets and reinstating any zips or straps as size adjustments.
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