Cash Bag

This cash bag is the inspiration for a new shoulder bag design for 2021. The idea stemmed from a retail assistant position I held in a Liverpool clothing store 17 years ago, which I subsequently quit to start de Lacy! Once a week one of us would walk across the city with a similar bag to bank the cash. 
This first drawn design shows the tweaks I will add to create a functional bag from leather. A balance between keeping the design as pure to the original as possible and creating functional product for modern life.
I love the window ID pocket which is only accessed from the inside, my idea is to keep this but in contrasting pop coloured PU fabric which is also accented on the inside of the leather shoulder strap in a Polyurethane webbing.
The eyelet immediately lends itself to act as a place to tie the strap allowing it to become fully adjustable. The security zip pull has been updated to a hidden press stud leather tab, and inside is a simple passport sized slip pocket.

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