X-Ray Shopper

A look back at the X-Ray Shopper bag from Spacesuit Collection 2016. The shopper bag was a fairly new design to the de lacy range and has been very successful since and now remains a staple piece in all my collections. 
I was using technical fabrics along side metallic and white leathers in the collection which was heavily influenced by spacesuits.
The research undertaken for SC16 was mainly from reading online articles and books. I discovered the X-ray images in the book 'Spacesuits: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection'. - This book was indispensable in the development of the SC16.    
The fabric chosen to represent the X-ray images is from Cloth House London, a dynamic fabric shop in Soho stocking a wide selection of high quality technical and traditional fabrics from across the globe. 

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